Yakiniku - 焼き肉

Yakiniku - 焼き肉

As Known as Japanese Style Grilling

What you will need for this dish:

  • A grill stove with a pan or an electronic Korean style BBQ grill pan

  • Thin slice A5 Japanese Wagyu steak (ideally 5 mm thickness)

  • A secret sauce boil 1 tbsp Sake with 1 tbsp Mirin along with 1 tbsp water, after boiling then pour into a saucer mix 1 and a half tbsp Japanese style soy sauce, if you like spicy flavor add some chill pepper, if you prefer sweet flavor then add a little bit of honey, then mix them well. (if you don’t have the ingredient, simply use low sodium soy sauce instead.)

    (Sous vide Pasteurized egg at 135 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour to get the medium-rare yolk would be an amazing dipping sauce)

How to cook:

  1. Cut your A5 Japanese Wagyu into about 5 mm thick slice (refer to the image on the left)

  2. Heat the pan or griddle depends on which one you use

  3. Use trimmed off Wagyu fat to brush the pan until the beef oil cover the surface

  4. Place the Wagyu slice on the pan, each side 10 seconds

  5. Dip into the sauce and enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth experience